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ATC Bravo Cargo Craft Inc Diamond C Trailers Futura Trailers Twister Trailer United Trailers
ATC Bravo Cargo Craft Inc Diamond C Trailers Futura Trailers Twister Trailer United Trailers

Trailer Repair and Maintenance Services


As part of our commitment to keeping our customers on the road, Complete Trailers offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services in our Colorado and Texas shops. Oversized bays staffed by mechanics and fabricators allow us to work on and accommodate virtually any size of light and medium-duty trailers. That includes horse trailers, boat trailers, RVs, utility trailers and more.

Our trailer repair and maintenance services include:

axle service

Trailer Axles

We can service most axles on most makes of trailer.

service brakes

Brakes & Bearings

Whether you have mechanical, electrical or hydraulic brakes, we can help maintain, repair or replace them.

electrical service

Wiring Repair & Installation

One of the most common frustrations: We can install or fix virtually any wiring needed, including plugs, harnesses, lights or brakes.

welding service

Fabrication, Welding & Custom Work

Because so many trailers are unique, custom work may be required to repair or maintain them. We offer complete welding and fabrication services to strengthen floors, repair or replace couplers or complete other service work.

Contact Us today to arrange for trailer drop-off in our secure storage lot.

Bring your trailer to the experienced team at Complete Trailers in our Texas or Colorado location for professional repair, maintenance and fabrication work.

service inspect

Complete 30-Point* Trailer Inspections

Every trailer that comes into our shop receives a complete inspection from a member of our service team. From reflectors and lighting to tire pressure, floor condition, and features specific to each trailer, we detail our findings on our Service Checklist. We then review that checklist with you to make sure you’re aware of any concerns you may wish to address now or in the future.

fleet service

Repair & Maintenance for Trailer Fleets

If you own a landscape company, are a contractor or haul cargo as part of your business, your trailer is a critical part of your ability to make a living. When you join our fleet trailer maintenance service program, you have peace of mind knowing our team has your back. Ask us about our fleet program that saves you time and money.