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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy a Jimglo Trailer

Key Points and Takeaways​

If you are wondering if you should buy a Jimglo trailer, our guy Brett is here to help you by giving you the top 5 reasons to buy a Jimglo trailer. Here at Complete Trailers, we have recently been able to sell these incredible trailers thanks to our constant efforts in contacting the great people at Jimglo. After many meetings and several long discussions, we have been blessed with the opportunity to supply our lots with Jimglo trailers.

If you are considering purchasing a new trailer or replacing an old one in the future, below we will detail the top five reasons why you should buy a Jimglo trailer.

Fit and Finish of the Trailers

If you are someone who enjoys the details in life, then you will fall in love with Jimglo trailers and the fit and finish that they offer. The guys at Jimglo actually take the welds from where the joints come together on the trailer and grind and polish them down for a fit and finish that is unlike any other trailer.

The attention to detail and quality of Jimglo trailers overall are second-to-none. When you take a full look at a Jimglo, you will quickly tell that they look absolutely flawless on the outside thanks to the exceptional fit and finish from their experts.

Rocker Trim

Jimglo offers a 16-inch lower stainless steel rocker trim on their trailers that wraps not only on the sides of the trailer, but underneath the trailer as well, making it look beautiful all the way around.

Take another look at our video above to see the trim work by the guys over at Jimglo and the amazing job they do lining it all the way around the trailer..

Construction of the Trailer

The people at Jimglo care very much about the construction of their trailers. They use this strong laminate material, built to withstand various harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, hail, etc.

We are currently working on making an in-depth YouTube video about the laminate material from Jimglo and test the durability of the material. Be on the lookout for that coming soon!

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Continuing with the same theme on the outside with the trim, Jimglo offers beautiful stainless steel front cabinets on their trailers. The stainless steel design helps you to see where you are in regards to pulling up to a certain point and when to stop and park with your vehicles or toys. Instead of having to trust your gut and guess when to stop, you can have a direct reference as to where you are in your trailer and when you need to stop in order to tie down your cargo.

Baggage Door

Jimglo trailers include a baggage door on the curbside rear of their trailers. The curbside rear side of any trailer is the hardest side to tie down when tying down your car. Jimglo saw this as an opportunity to create an easy-to-use accessibility feature to help people tie down their vehicles in an easier, safer way.

White Jimglo trailer from Complete Trailers

Come visit one of our three locations or take a look at our Jimglo trailers for sale right here on our website! We have spent several years talking with the great people over at Jimglo to try and let us sell their amazing products. Today, we are proud to have the opportunity to supply some of the best trailers to our amazing customers.

Contact us today to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to get even more information in regards to Jimglo trailers and find out which Jimglo trailer might be for you. With these top 5 reasons to buy a Jimglo trailer, you can see why people are starting to lean towards the Jimglo brand when it comes to their trailer needs.