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ATC Bravo Cargo Craft Inc Diamond C Trailers Futura Trailers Twister Trailer United Trailers

The Key Differences Between Diamond C Trailers and Big Tex Trailers

Blue Diamond C trailer with black tires from Complete Trailers

Key Points and Takeaways​

Diamond C is hands down the most cutting edge manufacturer when it comes to flatbed trailers in the industry. There is constant effort and work done around research and development to create new and interesting products to present to customers. Features such as innovative ramp designs, heavier duty features, upgraded tarp systems are just some of the design ideas that lead the industry.

When most companies focus on eliminating features to get pricing down, Diamond C focuses on adding features as standard equipment. Complete Trailers has been a top 5 dealer for Diamond C since 2012, so we know their products inside and out.

When it comes to purchasing a trailer, there are a lot of different things to consider before pulling the trigger on such a hefty purchase. People need to ask themselves - “What am I needing a trailer for? What kind of trailer is best for my current needs? How much space should I get? Open or enclosed?” - the list can go on forever. It is important to research what exactly comes with buying, working and maintaining a trailer so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Thankfully, we here at Complete Trailers are here to help! We want to show you how we believe that Diamond C trailers are amongst the best in the business, and how they stack up against one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry today - Big Tex trailers. We want to showcase a lot of what makes Diamond C stand out from the competition as well as highlight their important standout features. We enjoy working with and selling Diamond C trailers to our customers and are confident that Diamond C will be a better long-term investment if you are interested in buying a trailer.

Different Trailer Types

With various trailer types (and manufacturers for that matter) out on the market, it is extremely hard to determine which is the best bang for your buck. Sure, you can find that a lot of the manufacturers carry car haulers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers - the list goes on and on. However, when it comes to Diamond C trailers and the rest of the competition, the level and attention to detail is what truly sets them apart from the rest.

When you compare the likes of Diamond C trailers and some other manufacturers like Big Tex, you will quickly notice the difference in craftsmanship, details and other helpful features that are extremely helpful when handling jobs and hauling your equipment.

For example, Diamond C has their Engineered Beam Technology that custom-fit each I-beam to their trailer's specific weight class. This design is unlike Big Tex and other competitors who mass produce their I-beams and do not offer the same hauling capabilities or maneuverability that comes with a Diamond C.

With nearly infinite control on the shape of their I-beams, Diamond C can optimize the performance of their steel by building contours into the beams that make their gooseneck trailers the tallest, strongest and lightest in the industry. This allows you to haul more, haul longer and haul safer with a Diamond C trailer compared to Big Tex and other manufacturers.

Not to mention, Diamond C has the capability to make your trailer exactly the way you want it. Needing a specific type of ramp? Diamond C has 24” x 60” XDR or Straight Deck ramps are both fantastic options to help get anything you need onto your trailer safely. Not sure how much space you need? Diamond C has tons of different size trailers, from single wheel to dual wheel models, you can be rest assured that you have enough space and power to haul anything you need.


Diamond C puts a huge emphasis on the paint coating that is on each and every one of their trailers. The engineers and designers spared no expense or effort when putting these trailers together. From implementing rugged, high-quality parts to durable, beautiful powder coats that look incredible each time you look at your trailer, they goes above and beyond to provide people with the absolute best choice.

Don’t just take our word for it though. The great people over at Diamond C have actually created a YouTube video that highlights and goes into detail about how they get each and every one of their trailers to look as good as they do! You can check out Diamond C and their DM Powder Coating System video by visiting their YouTube Channel.

Diamond C also offers the ability to add tons of standout features to their trailers. These features include 3-stage telescopic cylinder hoist, Demco EZ-latch adjustable couplers and more on their small and medium duty dump trucks to hydraulic dovetail ramps, sway control and deck on the neck of their hot shot trailers and they offer so much more to each of their trailers. It is worth it to see each of their trailer upgrades and see which might be right for you.

So Which Trailer Is Better? Big Tex or Diamond C?

Now that all of the information is at your disposal, which trailer is better? Which trailer should you end up getting? At the end of the day, it really depends on the overall budget of your future investment, how much you intend on using your trailer, your specific needs of what you are needing from a trailer and most importantly, how many years are you looking to get out of your investment. We strongly recommend Diamond C over Big Tex and other trailer manufacturers because of the many features and details mentioned above.

From their overall superior lineup of different trailer types, to overall construction and engineering of their trailers, all the way down to the smallest details, styles and color of their trailers, it is hard to come up with a reason not to get your hands on a Diamond C trailer today.

Across our three different locations, you are sure to find yourself a great Diamond C trailer for sale. Take a look at our Diamond C selection today or check back often - we are always updating our inventory!